Windows XP Setup

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Windows XP Setup

Windows XP Genesee Free-Net Set-Up Information

  1. Click Start on your bottom task bar.
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Network and Internet Connections
  4. Click Set Up or Change Your Internet Connection or the Internet Options Icon. (Either will bring up a box called Internet Properties)
  5. Click the Connections Tab
  6. Click on SETUP (located top right of the Box)
  7. The New Connection Wizard is opened.
  8. Click NEXT
  9. Click on the Connect To The Internet radio button.
  10. Click NEXT
  11. Click in the Set UP My Connection Manually radio button.
  12. Click NEXT
  13. Click in the Connect Using a Dial-Up Modem radio button.
  14. Click NEXT
  15. Type GFN (Genesee Free-Net) in the Box for ISP Name.
  16. Click NEXT
  17. Enter the appropriate dial-in number for your area. See the full list at
  18. Click NEXT
  19. Type your User Name in the Box. (
  20. Type you Password in the box.
  21. Type your password again in the Confirm Password Box.
  22. The last 3 boxes can be either checked or not depending on how you want your computer used. They are as follows: (1) Use this account name and password when anyone connects to the internet from this computer. (Use this if you are the single internet user or only user of the computer). (2) Make this the default internet connection. (Check this if you want the Genesee Free-Net as the connection used when the Internet Explorer is opened) (3) Turn on Internet Connection Firewall for this connection. (This is firewall protection unique to XP)
  23. Click NEXT
  24. Click in the box Add Shortcut To This Connect To My Desktop. (Optional; If set as default connection, the Genesee Free-Net will always open)
  25. Click Finish
  26. Close the Network and Internet Connections Dialog Box.
  27. This will get you on the Internet. See below for mail setup.

Mail Setup.

  1. Open Outlook Express (OE) for Email.
  2. If opened for the first time OE will automatically start the setup Wizard.
  3. If the Wizard does not start you, probably have a another service set up and will have to start it by selecting the the Tools menu on the menu bar.
  4. Select Accounts in the Tools drop down menu.
  5. Select the Mail Tab and to view the accounts.
  6. Click ADD button in upper right hand corner to add a new account.
  7. Select Mail from menu.
  8. The screen shown asks for you name as you would like it displayed to you mail recipients. This shows as mail from when delivered.
  9. Click Next
  10. Type in your Email Address. (
  11. Click Next
  12. This page sets up your mail servers and should have in the top most box POP3. If not select from choices in drop down menu.
  13. Next Type as Incoming Mail (POP3. …)
  14. Next Type in as outgoing mail (SMTP) server.
  15. Click Next
  16. Type your username in the Account name box. (username supplied by gfn. DO NOT add the
  17. Type your password.
  18. If you are single user check the Remember Password Box.
  19. DO NOT CHECK "Logon using Secure Password Authentication, SPA"
  20. Click Next
  21. Click Finish
  22. Make sure your Genesee Free-Net is listed as the Defaut in the Mail listing with you GFN account login setup with Internet Explorer.
  23. Exit the Accounts menu.
  24. OE is now setup for your Genesee Free-Net Email account.