Setting up Win95/98

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Setting up Win95/98 for Netscape or Internet Explorer with Genesee Free-Net
Some have inquired why we do not send out a setup disk. The Genesee Freenet cannot supply a setup disk & software like a commercial service because of licensing concerns and to keep the cost down, so we have created these instructions to help you.
These are general instructions as there are several different programs available to get onto and use the internet. Follow the prompts in your specific software and enter the information below.   If needed you can call the GFN office (720-2880) and they will try to help or direct you to someone who can help you. If you cannot be helped over the phone, you can be directed to an independent contractor who will come to your home and help you for a small fee.
You should use an Internet account setup utility that is included on most computers or with browsers purchased separately (such as Netscape). This utility is usually found in Start/Programs/Accessories/Internet Tools with the name "Get On The Internet, Setup Wizard etc.". It may also be found elsewhere in the programs menu.
You should change your password after you connect to the Genesee Freenet the first time and periodically thereafter. To do this, go into The Genesee Freenet directly using a telnet or terminal program. A Telnet setup is described below.
The information below will be required by your Internet setup utility and should be entered when prompted.
   * If you are asked for a Manual or Automatic setup you should select Manual.
   * When connecting to the Genesee Freenet you are using a dialup (modem) connection, NOT a Local                           Area Network or LAN.
   * Windows messaging should NOT be used unless you are familiar with it.
   * Name of service provider: Genesee Freenet
   * Phone #: See the Dial-in Numbers page.
   * UserName: (account name or login name) given to you by the Genesee                    Freenet - for Genesee Freenet dial-up your username must be your whole e-mail address
   * Password: ******* given to you by the Genesee Freenet
   * IP address is automatically assigned by the server
   * DNS Primary:
   * DNS Secondary:  
To setup your e-mail program the following info will be required:
   * E-Mail address: (given to you by the Genesee Freenet)
   * Incoming Mail is a POP3 server
   * Incoming mail (POP3): or
   * Outgoing mail (SMTP): or
   * POP3 Account Name: your_username assigned by the Genesee Freenet (do not add here)
   * Password: ******** (given to you by the Genesee Freenet)
   * Set to remove from server
To create an icon on your desktop for the Genesee Freenet dialup:
   * Double click on My Computer
   * Double click on Dialup Networking
   * Drag the Genesee Freenet icon onto your desktop and Click YES when the dialog box appears asking                 if you want to create a shortcut instead.
To get onto the Internet:
   * Double click on the Genesee Freenet icon on your desktop
   * Enter your password and click connect.
Note: sometimes a dialog box appears asking to verify your password. If you know your password was entered correctly just hit the enter key until you log onto the network. You may have to hang up at the login. You are probably at a busy time and all ports available to GFN are busy.
After you connect as described above you can go into your world wide web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape etc.), mail program or any other internet application by double clicking on the icon which is located on your desktop or in your Start/ Programs menu (your browser probably has Mail/News in the toolbar). To learn how to use the specific Internet application go into the help within the application.
From the Internet to Genesee Free-Net
How to setup and use the Telnet application that comes with Windows:
   * Go into your Windows Explorer
   * Click on the Windows folder in the left panel
   * In the right panel scroll down until you see the file Telnet.exe (may not have the .exe extension)
   * Right click your mouse on the telnet file and select copy
   * Close Windows explorer and right click anywhere on your desktop
   * Select paste and an icon for telnet will be created on your desktop
   * After connecting to the Genesee Freenet, with your mouse, double click on the Telnet icon
   * Click connect on the toolbar and select Remote System
   * Host Name =
   * Port = telnet
   * Term Type = vt100
   * Click the Connect button.
   * After connecting to the Genesee Freenet enter your_username (login name) and password and hit the          Enter key until you get to the main menu.
To change your password select #3 (Electronic Postoffice) from the Main Menu, than select #6 (change your password) from the next menu and enter the required information when prompted.