User Quotas

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User Quotas

User quota is set at 100meg. This means if your inbox reaches 100meg sentmail, savedmail and folders reach a total of 100 meg you will receive notice to delete within 7 days. If you exceed the limits or do not delete within 7 days your account will be suspended.

If you are picking up mail through a POP client (Post Office Protocol) it is necessary to temporarily increase your quota so that the POP program will allow you to pick up and delete mail. This is done automatically at the time you are notifed of quota problems.

You should have your mail client set to "remove from server" so mail is not stored on the server once you read it but on your own computer. Your quota is then reset to normal by our program.

If you know in advance you are going to be receiving a very large file, notify and we will increase your quota temporarily to receive this file.

We hope this procedure of automatically notifying you of quota problems and resetting the quota temporarily will solve most of the "no access" problems when picking up mail.